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Goshin Ryu International
Goshin Ryu was founded in 1987 by Steve Barnett at the request of students who were dissilusioned with the politics of Martial Arts. Goshin Ryu Jujitsu Kai, was purely a Jujitsu association. "Goshin Ryu International", is now a multi martial arts association and membership is open to all styles, clubs, associations and individuals.

We have affiliations and representatives around the world. Goshin Ryu International is a non profit making, non political organisation. Predjudice of any kind is strictly forbidden.
Steve Barnett – Founder of Goshin Ryu International
Fellow of the Society of Martial Arts
Tenth DAN Ju-Jitsu, Fifth DAN Karate, Fifth DAN Budo
Founder of Goshin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Kai and the Black Belt Academy
Member of Mukashi Family Sokeship Kokusai
Samurai Yudansha Bu-Jujsukan Renmei (Japan)
Life Member European Budo Federation
About Steve Barnett

Steve began his Martial Arts training on joining Her Majesties Service as a boy soldier in 1960. He completed his full army career in 1985. His involvement with various parts of the army has given him an excellent background in "real martial arts".

Steve has a world wide reputation for no-nonsence training with a direct approach to combat. He is a much sought after instructor and is much travelled around the world teaching Jujitsu. A very quiet man, and a practising Zen Buddhist.

He has trained with, and continues to train with many leading top masters from all over the world and regards himself as a student. Steve holds many awards and has been inducted into many Halls of Fame. As the Western European Director of the All Japan Jujitsu International Federation, he welcomes you to Goshin Ryu International.